Aging Gracefully Podcast with Elena Rusakova

In this episode, Amy Mehta Parmar and I discuss how Amy rebuilt her self-esteem, increased her self-love, became a dating coach and found her happiness.
If you want tips on how to live a more fulfilling life, and on dating as an older woman, tune in now!

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Healing with Aloha

Interview with entrepreneur, Reiki Master and Dating Coach and wife Amy Mehta Parmar.   Amy teaches about chakras, balancing, and how chakras can be used in different ways with blocks and dark emotions.   She incorporates reiki healing with women she services as a Dating Coach.  Hawayo Takata with the help of Dr. Hayashi, who taught Mrs. Takata Reiki, after she finished her treatment in Japan established Reiki in Hawai’i.  For more information on REIKI go to  Join Amy’s Facebook group for weekly engagement for women.  Find Amy on these social platforms:  Instagram  amymehtaparmar  Website  Here’s the sign up for her Covid-19 dating and healing series for women:  Find Healing with Aloha Podcast at

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The Dream Date: A Dating Coach’s Guide to Virtual Dating, Self-Empowerment, and Dating TV Shows!

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