I am a transformational life coach that works with women to help them put the oomph back into their lives!  Do you struggle to feel motivated to get things done? Are you interested in having more fun and feeling more excited about what is possible in your future? I work with women that are feeling burnt out in their day-to-day lives and are wanting to feel happier and more content on a daily basis. My goal is help you Get that life that you always dreamt of when you were young – a life better than anything you’ve ever experienced! If you are interested in getting to a place where you feel excitement every day, contact me at Amy@amymehta.com.  There is no obligation to sign up for anything. I’d be honored to work with you to start you on the path toward more happiness. Please continue to check back soon.  I plan to add a lot more articles on how YOU can create your best life. Love and Blessings,Amy IMG_3259