Hi lovely!  Thanks for visiting my site – I’m so very glad to have you here!  I’m Amy, an energy healer and dating coach for women in their 40s and 50s.
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After a divorce 9 years ago, I decided to make some big changes in my life. This eventually meant overcoming a lifetime of unhealthy relationships with men and bad decisions. I worked on my social skills, long-standing self esteem issues, and started to get more focused on dating the right sort of man for me. This lead to me marrying my love in the summer of 2017!
Because I did it for myself, I know how to help other women get this for themselves!  I have a background in IT and years of experience as a professional problem-solver and guide for big projects.  And my passion is helping other women get the lives of their dreams!
If you’d like some guidance on your dating situation (or lack thereof) let’s set up a 30 minute deep dive. I promise you my undivided attention as we take a look at some quick changes you can make to find better matches.
Click on the calendly link below to set up your free session! I promise that the call will be sales pitch free. My aim is to give you some needed advice for taking your life to the next level. You CAN get that dream man, house and the family of you dreams! Let’s talk and get you started on that path!